The Real Estate market has always been competitive. Over the last few months even more so! We have specifically been trying to see how our clients, when given the proper technology, can utilise it to help boost business.

Views of the Virtual Tour are captured by Dennis Roodhardt using Giraffe360 photo function

Remote Viewing is our new addition that can be added to any Giraffe360 Virtual Tour. Remote Viewing gives you and the client the ability to have a more personal tour with a video chat during the Virtual Tour. You can even switch controls to let the client guide their way around the property and point and click to specify certain areas your client may have a question on.

Dennis Roodhardt from Martin & Co in Folkestone & Dover was amongst the first to utilise our virtual option with major success. A Martin & Co Case Study.

“Now that we are no longer permitted to do viewings in person, we have switched all of our viewings to online-fully interactive viewings.  All of our properties already had walk through tours using 360 degree photos of every room; but with Giraffe360’s innovative tools, we can now use these tours in a Skype-like call where we walk our clients through the property.”

We absolutely love to hear about the success of our clients. We can guarantee that Virtual Tours will continue to be a common practice as we see the market open up further during the next few months. Dennis was able to use our Virtual Tours and newly added Remote Viewing function to take advantage of the market and keep business running as you normally do, with personal property viewings. He continues to give excellent service to his clients as you can see below.

“The effect is a viewing that’s close to the real experience: the 360 degree photos are amazing and give a really good ‘feel’ for the property, and the video-link makes the virtual viewing far more personal than just a pre-recorded video of the property. It is hard for key-workers to find a new home in today’s market, but if you have to move; being able to view a property virtually is an amazing alternative.  All in all, using our Giraffe360 our transactions have remained as good as stable, which is a tremendous result!”

– Dennis Roodhardt, Managing Director, Martin & Co (Folkestone & Dover)

Dennis Roodhardt

Virtual Tours have been around for a while but the impacts of social distancing have brought them to the forefront. Virtual Tours have gone from a nice to have, to a business essential. As people grow accustomed to remote working and digital living, customers will still be seeking Virtual Tour experiences long after restrictions are lifted. The shift to online real estate was already happening, it’s just been given a rocket boost. It’s never been easier to open the virtual door. It’s been a highly successful addition to our camera, and it’s even easier to use. Our cameras have always been able to take stunning HDR Photography and High-Accuracy Floor-Plans. With the simple click of a button, you can now take all three! Make the digital shift now and see for yourself.

Views of the Virtual Tour are captured by Dennis Roodhardt using Giraffe360 camera
HDR Photography are of another property captured by Dennis Roodhardt using Giraffe360 camera's photo function
Floor-Plan has been captured by Dennis Roodhardt using Giraffe360 scan function