This funding follows an initial £450K seed funding round in 2016, led by Estonian investment fund Koha Capital. Giraffe360 has raised £1.45M so far.

Since the creation of our first prototype in 2016, we believe we have developed the highest quality property presentation technology in the world and we are determined to keep pushing. Our solid client base already spans the UK and 10 other European countries, including estate agents such as Hunters, John Taylors, RE/MAX and Property Franchise Group.

The latest funding will be used to launch the next generation of Giraffe360 technology and to continue expanding the business in the UK and across Europe. Read more about our new camera here.

So far, Giraffe360’s camera subscription has been available only in limited volume, a carefully picked chosen strategy, as our goal is to develop the best product in the world for scanning  properties. We knew that, to achieve this, we need to go step by step, instead of developing the first camera and immediately starting to manufacture in large volumes. We did prototyping and manufacturing in our office and started to release them to clients in small groups.

Once in use with clients, we monitored every smallest detail. If a client was not satisfied with the performance or the usability of the device we changed it straight away. Over the last three years, we have released three models of our Giraffe360 and done countless improvements for each of them. With our latest version, we are incredibly proud of the result achieved and will start to release this model in larger quantities. This latest investment will help us finish the model and move manufacturing out of our office.

Andris K. Berzins, Managing Partner at Change Ventures said, “We are excited to be backing Giraffe360. In a world of diminishing physical contact and rising online and e-commerce activity, consumers are demanding a better visual experience – and they have a right to. The property industry is experiencing unprecedented developments and agents who listen to consumer demands for a tech-led home-selling strategy are already seeing the benefits.”

More information on why Change Ventures decided to invest in Giraffe360, please read in to their Medium blog here.