Giraffe360 3rd generation camera offers real estate agents cutting edge functionality, ease of use and automation, as well as the highest quality digital images. This allows agents the opportunity to click the button on the camera and shortly afterwards see the new photography and floor plans automatically appear in their inbox.

The camera’s new functionality includes:

  • A simple two-button interface, so anyone can use it
  • Always-on status screen, for monitoring project status and camera battery
  • LiDAR 360 degree laser distance sensor, which gathers 200 thousand points per measurement
  • USB-C power delivery charging so you can charge your laptop, phone and camera with the same charger
  • Physical mute switch, to turn off sound in an office environment where people are working
  • Automatic lens cap

There are no restrictions on where you can use it – large rooms, small rooms, industrial space, garden or a tiny bathroom. It works in every single environment.