Juraj Vika, Real Estate Consultant at CBRE Slovakia

In CBRE Slovakia we use virtual viewings when working with local as well as international clients or big teams, helping them to shortlist properties faster and revisit them during the decision making process. Clients save time, make a quicker decision, have a more realistic workplace vision and are truly aware of what they are going to lease or buy. And concurrently we considerably improve our sales process efficiency.

-Juraj Vika, CBRE

CBRE, Market Leaders in Real Estate Advisory
At Giraffe360, our clients from around the globe drive our progress.

In pursuit of the best technology, we use learnings from testimonials and reviews to optimise our product. We do this to ensure we’re offering the most valuable space digitization in the industry. For CBRE, they benefit most from our Giraffe360 virtual tour solution.

CBRE is recognised as the number one real estate service firm worldwide.

As market leaders in real estate strategy, every facet of the CBRE business needs to be streamlined to keep their renowned 50% advantage over their nearest competitor - basically, highly optimised sales processes run on a tight schedule, so it’s all go at CBRE.

CBRE offers advisory services in a variety of real estate scenarios. The CBRE lines of service range from office relocation, rent reviews, attracting and retaining talent, and even providing recommendations on expanding investment portfolios.

The Problem with Basic Marketing Packages and Viewing in Person

CBRE Slovakia Commercial Division has a vast and international roster of clients.

The success of the CBRE Commercial Division is thanks to the swiftness and precision of how they meet clients needs from all over the globe. CBRE’s ability to juggle the needs of multiple markets and big clients has set them apart from the competition.

When it comes to showcasing property to large, international clients the process up to this point has been manual and littered with roadblocks. Until Giraffe360 virtual tours, the main way for a potential client to view a property was to visit in person. Basic brochures with photography and floor plans (and even video materials) do exist; but they only enable very basic shortlisting and don’t build tenant confidence in the listing.

A Sales Manager can certainly benefit from meeting the client in person for a viewing, but precious time and resource is wasted working around busy schedules and organising travel. Repeated and wasted face-to-face meetings throughout the client’s decision-making process can actually have a negative impact on a Sales Rep’s relationship with their client.

The repeat visits, with delays in decision making, could potentially deteriorate a strong bond between Sales Manager and client.

There must be a more effective and streamlined way to service a client?

CBRE and the Giraffe360 Virtual Tours

Giraffe360, with the latest technological developments in space robotic cameras and software, creates an incredibly realistic feeling of actually being in the property - this is achieved through a virtual tour format - a proper solution.

CBRE relies on capturing and sharing virtual property tours.  The need for always accessible, extremely high-quality and adaptable virtual tours is vital for CBRE to close deals with their biggest and most valuable customers.

Giraffe360 virtual tours, captured by a high-specification sensor and robotic camera, have been instrumental to the continued growth of the CBRE virtual viewings service. We’ve helped CBRE adapt to a modern clients' viewing needs.

For CBRE, virtual tours prove most valuable during the decision making process. Commercial Division clients need to review large real estate, like an office listing. CBRE clients can preview office locations before visiting and managers can showcase office tours to their colleagues and teams - meaning more team members can be engaged within the shortlisting process, without having to travel to the location. The greater the engagement and transparency in the process, the bigger the buy-in from the full client team.

This leads to a seamless viewing experience for the client, leading to less friction during the decision-making process and accelerating the speed of the CBRE sales cycle. Better yet, with the adaptability and portability of our camera, CBRE can easily capture new and requested virtual tours. Our virtual tours save time and precious dollars on not having to rely on the availability of photography and visualization providers.

As a result, the commercial leasing sales cycle is injected with speed and client service quality is significantly improved. Slow and clunky office viewing processes are replaced with an always-on, around the clock service. Clients can access life-like tours of their short-listed properties from the comfort of their own boardrooms and offices.

If you can’t bring your clients to the property, take Giraffe360 virtual tours to them.